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Affichage des articles du octobre, 2010

Social Media Profit Coach — Increase Traffic, Skyrocket Conversions, Multiply Profits

Bankrupt Fitness Trainer Goes From Flat Broke and Desperate To Living The Kick Back Lifestyle and Creating The Freedom That His Family Deserves..." "... Now He's Pulling Back The Curtain To Reveal The Secrets Of Harnessing The Power Of Social Media To Turn Your Blog Into A Money Making Machine... ...No Matter What Niche You Are In Or How Much Experience You Have!" Social Media Profit Coach — Increase Traffic, Skyrocket Conversions, Multiply Profits   Media, Social Mobilisation and Mass Protests in Post-colonial Hong Kong: The Power of a Critical Event (Media, Culture and Social Change in Asia Series)

Five Steps to Get Rid Clutter and Organize Your Home

A pact, according to is "a formal agreement...such as one between nations." Well, I want you to have A-Pact with your clutter. Although this turns into more of a battle (that you win)'s a great way to remember the steps to organization. Here's what it means and how it works ... A--;ASK Ask yourself what you want out of the room or area you're going to organize. What are the goals of the room? What are you shooting for by getting organized? And the thing is, you want to dig a little deep into how you want to benefit. This will help you get motivated and work towards the final goal. For instance, if you're going to start the process of organizing paperwork in your home office, the question is "why do I want to organize this space?" The answer could be "I don't ever want to have a late bill again" or "I want to find any document in less than two minutes." Once you've ans

OverCome Shyness & Social Phobia

OverCome Shyness & Social Phobia Consider these three questions... 1 . Where do you want to be this time next year? Dealing with same social phobia you have today? Of course not! And you don't have to. The Social Strategies will show you the way. Take action now--improve your tomorrow. it's that simple. 2. If you continue to to do what you've always done, can you really expect to get anything other than what you've always got? It's really so simple; change what you are doing and you will change the results you are getting. 3. Whether we realize it or not, we all have strategies we are using in social situations. How are your strategies working for you? If the results you're getting are not what you'd like, it's time to try a different appr