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Affichage des articles du mai, 2011

Thinking Outside The Box - The How To

350 When innovators talk about thinking outside the box, they mean coming up with creative ways to solve problems - new ways to look at things. How do they do it? How can you do it too? We first have to ask what the "box" is. Then we can look at how to get outside of it. The "box" is the normal way of doing things and looking at things. It is the assumptions that almost everyone involved is making. The best way to start thinking out of the box then, is to identify and challenge all the assumptions that make up thinking inside the box. One of the major liquor brands was faltering years ago, and they couldn't seem to boost their sales. Promotions, lowering the price, getting better shelf placement - these were the "in the box" solutions. Then someone challenged the assumptions, by asking "What if we stopped the promotions and just raised the price?" The price was raised as an experiment, and sales soon doubled. As it tu

Mind Power Through Mindfulness

261 Basic mindfulness exercises put you in a state of awareness where distractions are let go, and your mind power is able to function more effectively. They help you think more clearly and concentrate better. They are also easy exercises to do. More Mind Power in Minutes A basic mindfulness exercise starts with sitting down, relaxing and breathing deeply through your nose.  Close your eyes and be aware of your breath going in and out. After a minute, move your attention to your body, one part at a time, noting sensations of cold, hot, tight, sore and anything else you identify. In a few minutes, start listening to sounds in the room, without thinking about them. Just listen. When it feels right, open your eyes and look around as if you are seeing for the first time. Rest your eyes on an object for half a minute, examining it without talking about it in your mind. Then move to another object, and another, while still maintaining an awareness of your body, your breathing,

Problem Solving Games For Groups

136 Problem solving games are a natural when you want brain exercise and fun. Some of the best problem solving games can be played as a group. The added element of competition and "showing off" can stimulate some truly creative ideas. These games are especially good for long trips in a car, or for bored kids trapped inside by bad weather.   Best Ideas Game   This game uses a problem solving technique called "random presentation," and might even lead to some good money-making ideas. First, have someone look out the window or around the room and choose any object at random. Don't put any restrictions on this. It can be a rock on the side of the road, a stick laying in the yard, a truck, or anything at all. Now everyone in the car or room can try to come up with the best way to make money with the chosen object. A street sign becomes a place to advertise, and trees are to be sold door-to-door. A truck can be used in a hundred ways to make money,

Work at Home and Make Money Online With Clickbank

 How many of you are tired working in the 9 to 5 atmosphere and want to work at your own pace. Most of you may desire to work from home and earn your living. You may even be working and still work from home just to make those extra bucks. With so many of options available in the market for earning from home, you need to choose the best one.  Many of you working from home or having an online business are sure to have heard about clickbank.  Clickbank is just like a market that you will find on the Internet. In this online market you see a lot of selling, promoting and buying happening. Clickbank has all the digital products that you may require for your comforts. Doing a business on clickbank is much easier and simpler. You don’t have to load the items from any place or ship; you don’t even have to handle credit cards or money used for transactions. If you are already looking forward to making money with the help of clickbank, here’s how: At Clickbank all you need to do

Adult Dyslexia | Everyday Techniques In Dealing With Dyslexia

Adult Dyslexia | Everyday Techniques In Dealing With Dyslexia As an adult with dyslexia, you are not excused in dealing with day to day tasks that you need to complete for your survival. Thus, practicing some ways on how to deal with the common problems caused by the condition can be very beneficial, one way or another. 230 238

Essential Clickbank Traffic Secrets You Need To Know To Achieve Monster Sales!

Writing articles can be considered as one of the best and the most powerful methods of increasing traffic to your website. The articles must serve the purpose for which it is being written. Make sure that the content is not only effective in establishing you as an ‘authority’ of that subject but also increases your brand name. The link attached at the author’s resource box is related to the content the customers would be reading. Usually, a customer buys a product or service only when he or she is well aware of the idea behind it. This is known as ‘pre-selling’. The third most important function of a good article will be creation of several one way links to increase the traffic and the status of the website among other search engines. These factors make articles one of the most effective tools for achieving monster sales on the Internet. It is not a very difficult task to increase traffic by writing articles. For instance, assume that you are involved in promoting software for

5 Easy Ways to Ramp Up Your E-Book Sales

Unadvertised Bonus This Limited Time Free Offer Could End At Any Time… “Imagine Pressing A Few Buttons And Instantly Creating Your Very Own Branded Cash Producing Viral Ebooks That You Can Sell Or Give Away!” Ebooks ready for you to brand Click Here For Details Once you've written your E-Book, got your Website up and integrated your shopping cart, you can sit back and start waiting for the money to come rolling in, right? WRONG! These days it's getting harder than ever before to be able to get people to notice you – and just because "you build it" doesn't mean they're going to come. So what's an author to do? Actually, thanks to all the tools that are available to you – including Web 2.0 – marketing your book – and ramping up your sales – is not as hard as you might think. In fact, here are a few ideas to get your juices flowing.  Add them to your sales plan, and use them as a jumping off place to help you

Get The Control Back Over Your Inbox With... ViralinBox!

Today I want to tell you about a new email solution that I completely fell in love with: ViralinBox! This platform is an all-in-one email, list building and marketing solution, which means that it will not only serve you as an email solution but also as a way to build a list and market your products (or affiliate products). I can hear you... You already have an email account and access to programs that allow you to build a list and promote and advertise all sorts of products. Well, ViralinBox is very different from what you currently have because it will also help you dramatically increase your work productivity and give you massive, targeted exposure! Here are a few of the main reasons why you should join ViralinBox: - You can create a unique email address for each contact you make and list you join With a single Viralinbox account, you can have multiple email addresses, which is great if you want to manage your personal and business emails from a single place, or h

How To M ake a blog

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