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Affichage des articles du octobre, 2013

Learn about Government Performance and Results: Best practices

How to Build Past Performance for Government Contractors Highlights from my interview with Tyreek Moore of Absolutions IT on 1. Start building relationships and your brand early on 2. Use commercial experience to build past performan... Delivering Open, Accessible Data on Government Program Performance Learn more at Oversight.House.Gov The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform today approved legislation - H.R. 3262, the Government Results Trans... President Bill Clinton Speaks About OSHA 1995 May 16 OSHA Press Conference In the 1990s, political opposition to regulations and calls to eliminate OSHA led to effects 'to reinvent OSHA and make it more effective.' Then Assistant Se... President Clinton Signing REGO This is video footage of President Clinton signing the Government Performance and Results Act (REGO) bill. This footage is official public record produced by... President Clinton