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Affichage des articles du décembre, 2011

New Viral Tool Produces $209,349 In Extra Sales

Hi,  Re: New Viral Tool Produces $209,349 In Extra Sales And that was during beta testing a few months back. Now, the best and easiest to use viral marketing plug in tool has now been perfected and you can use it to dramatically increase your subscriber rate as well as your sales. What is this incredible new tool you might ask? It is Mike Filsaime's 'Viral Friend Generator'. Go to:  If you would like to grow your list of subscribers three times faster and easier than any other method out there, then you need Viral Friend Generator now!  Seriously, don't waste any time. With this tool, every new visitor you get to your site will be worth at least 300% more. Discover the huge potential this powerful tool possesses:  To Your Success, Abdou karim and SOFThinking  P.S. Remember, this tool was created by the same guy that created Butterfly Marketing,

DOES IT SOMETIMES SEEM AS THOUGH DECISION MAKERS are residing in a gated community?

Getting Past Gatekeepers: Don't Get Left At the Gate When Calling on Decision Makers Learn how to bypass gatekeepers those professionals who "guard" the decision makers and often run interference for them -- to get in front of decision makers. Traditionally a secretary, administrative assistant or switchboard operator blocked entry. Now there are electronic nemeses as well: voice mailboxes and blind e-mail addresses. Yet gatekeepers can be your adversaries or allies, depending on your approach. Your challenge: to be regarded as important enough to be allowed into their inner sanctum. Here are my rules of thumb for "Passing Gate" and receiving consideration by decision makers:  DO's 1. Turn Gatekeepers into allies: treat them with respect, humor and compassion. Their job is tough too. They get it from both ends. They are people with their own personality, not faceless obstacles to be overcome at all costs.  2. Help decision makers look good in