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Three Surefire Ways to Power Up Your Affiliate Marketing

Three Surefire Ways to Power Up Your Affiliate Marketing 
Affiliate marketers everywhere are always looking for an edge to boost up their conversion rates and increase their commissions. If you're hunting for the holy grail of affiliate marketing, then look no further. Sometimes it's the simple things that make the biggest difference to your bottom line. Take a look at these three ways for growing your affiliate business. 
1. Build a Responsive List 
There's a huge difference between merely building a list and building a responsive list. Most every affiliate knows to build a list, but very few know how to create a responsive list with engaged subscribers. 
Check out these tips: 
Set expectations upfront. Your lead page and initial emails should make it clear what your list is about and why subscribers should be opening every email you send. People are more engaged when you meet their expectations. 
Stay in touch. You can't build a relationship by dropping people a line…
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The Ultimate Internet Marketing Plateform To Skyrocket Your Business Online

When I decided to work with Builderall to build my company, I wanted to work with a platform that is proven to be efficient. It has everything a business owner needs to not only build an amazing responsive website but also to market your company successfully. It’s so easy to use too.

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PerkZilla Review: Everything You Need to Know Before You Hit the Buy Button

You’ve probably been hearing the name “PerkZilla” floating around a lot lately. And if you haven’t, just wait – it will make it into your circles and social media networks soon. Everyone’s talking about it, because it’s the most exciting viral rewards platform to come down the pike in a long time. 
Simply put: people are loving their traffic, they’re loving their new subscribers and they’re loving all their new sales.
But is PerkZilla right for you? That’s what you’ll find out inside this review. Take a look…
What is PerkZilla?
First things first – just what is PerkZilla?
In a nutshell, it’s a viral rewards platform that lets you give gifts such as products, coupons, contest entries and other rewards to your visitors in exchange for them referring their friends to your website.
That means that one visitor might tell three friends, who tells three more friends, who tells three more friends… and so on. That means that one visitor can turn into dozens of visitors. It’s an incredibly pow…

Product Dyno Review (Read This Before You Buy It)

Have you been looking for an easier way to bring your digital product to market? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to put a padlock on your delivery pages so that hackers, pirates and other thieves quit ripping you off. 

If so, then keep reading – because your solution to both of these problems is called Product Dyno.

First off, just what is Product Dyno?

Answer: It’s a sales and delivery platform that lets you securely bring your products to market more quickly. Here’s how it works, along with some of its key features:

•  Product Dyno lets you protect any digital product with just a few clicks of your mouse – no tech experience or knowledge required. You can protect your delivery pages on your own site, via your Amazon S3 account, or you can even host your secure pages on Product Dyno.

•  Product Dyno makes it easy to manage your selling services in one convenient place. If you’re like most sellers, then you’re connecting services such as payment processors and autoresponders to create a …

Don't Wait The Opportunity with Builderall. Create It!

Recently, I started working with Builderall — and I’m so impressed with this Digital Marketing Platform with all integrated tools it gives me to build my business and it it is easy to use and works efficiently! Seriously, it’s the best out there. However, it’s more than that! Builderall allows me to build a business in one of the most sustainable online niches. 
I can earn monthly recurring commissions and help others build powerful digital strategies for their own niche businesses too. If you want to build a business like this too, you can today with only a $49.90 initial investment. Click on the LINK to learn more.


Inspiration - Les 5 niveaux de leadership - john Maxwell
En ma qualité de Coach certifié de John Maxwell Team, c’est toujours un plaisir de retourner aux enseignements du mentor.Avez-vous vraiment le leader qu’il vous faut ? Réfléchissez un moment sur ce peut être ce grand leader et les étapes qu’il a franchir pour le devenir :
1.POSITION : il a occupé ou occupe une position. En fait, le leadership n'est pas la position. Probablement beaucoup d’entre vous l’ont acquise à la suite de nominations, de recrutements internes ou externes ou par d’autres procédés. En d’autres termes, ce n’est pas parce que vous détenez une position que vous êtes un grand leader. D’ailleurs, tout est possible à la suite de la détention d’une position: un leadership dictatorial pur et dur, dictatorial mais bienveillant, consultatif, participatif, transactionnel, etc. En outre, souvent, on assimile de façon abusive les statuts d’entrepreneur, de manager, de leader, technicien ou autres. Cela ne veut pas dire …

Au cœur du programme de l’Alliance pour la Cito

Lors du congrès du 30 octobre 2018, le discours-programme prononcé par le Président Abdoul MBAYE prouve que le parti de l’Alliance pour la Citoyenneté et le Travail (ACT) et son président accordent une importance capitale aux valeurs : valeurs de solidarité, d’intégrité, d’éthique, de discipline et de considération aux Sénégalais. Ce n’est pas pour rien que le parti et son président les considèrent comme étant d’une importance stratégique car aujourd’hui les organisations publiques ou privées, dans le sillage du nouveau management public, mettent en place des chartes de valeurs, des chartes d’éthiques, d’intégrité et de transparence affichées dans les locaux de travail, largement diffusées pour permettre leur appropriation, ces documents étant parfois contresignés par les employés, les nouvelles recrues, etc. On le sait maintenant : c’est au sommet de donner de la voix, « Tone at The Top », comme on dit. En revisitant ce discours-programme, on est frappé par la foi qui se dégage de so…