lundi 31 mai 2010

Every Profitable Site Does This - Do You?

Every Profitable Site Does This - Do You? 

Every single site on the Internet that makes money does two things... It diverts and converts. 

First, it diverts traffic from one location to another. The first location could be almost anywhere, the second location is to the site making the money. 

Second, it converts that diverted traffic into profit. Maybe it's by selling products, selling clicks, or creating leads. Doesn't matter. The point is, step two isn't that hard. 

Step one can be a freaking killer. Suppose you want to make money generating leads for credit card companies. Discover, for example, pays 40 bucks for every new card member you send their way. Sounds good, until you do a Google search for "credit card" and realize there are 56 MILLION sites in the results. Ugghhh. Kind of hard to compete, wouldn't you say? But Discover gives a 5% cashback bonus on gas purchases. And when you do a search for "credit card gas rewards" you get 56 results. 

Much better. Now you can not only compete, you can make money. No matter what kind of marketing you do, it stands to reason that if you target overlooked, under-the-radar keyword phrases, you'll divert more traffic and convert more of that traffic into profits. So, how do you FIND these overlooked, under-the-radar keyword phrases? 

With a little tool called Micro Niche Finder. With Micro Niche Finder, you can uncover untapped niche markets and completely DOMINATE them in Google. You can find new keywords related to your base keywords that are more profitable than the keywords you're using now. You can rank higher in the search engines, thus bringing in more ttraffic. 

The traffic you get will be more TARGETED, thus converting at a higher rate. And if you use Google Adwords, you will pay LESS for more highly targeted and better converting traffic! 

Abdou Karim and SOFThinking 

P.S. Are you marketing ANYTHING online? Then you need Micro Niche Finder. 

Think about it: More highly targeted traffic with higher conversion rates for less cost, and even no cost. Now that's a no-brainer.


dimanche 30 mai 2010

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Are You Considering Re-Financing?

Are You Considering Re-Financing?

Homeowners who are considering re-financing their home may have a wealth of options available to them. However, these same homeowners may find themselves feeling overwhelmed by this wealth of options. This process doesn't have to be so difficult though. Homeowners can greatly assist themselves in the process by taking a few simple steps. First the homeowner should determine his refinancing goals. Next the homeowner should consult with a re-financing expert and finally the homeowner should be aware that re-financing is not always the best solution.

Determine Your Goals for Re-Financing

The first step in any re-financing process should be for the homeowner to determine his goals and why he is considering re-financing. There are many different answers to this question and none of the answers are necessarily right or wrong. The most important thing is that the homeowner is making a decision which helps him achieve his financial goals. While there are no right or wrong answer to why re-financing should be considered there are, however, certain reasons for re-financing which are very common. These reasons include:

* Reducing monthly mortgage payments
* Consolidating existing debts
* Reducing the amount of interest paid over the course of the loan
* Repaying the loan quicker
* Gaining equity quicker

Although the reasons listed above are not the only reason homeowners might consider re-financing, they are some of the most popular reasons. They are included in this article for the purpose of getting the reader thinking. The reader may find their mortgage re-financing strategy fits into one of the above goals or they may have a completely different reason for wanting to re-finance. The reason for wanting to re-finance is not as important as determining this reason. This is because a homeowner, or even a financial advisor, will have a difficult time determining the best re-financing option for a homeowner if he does not know the goals of the homeowner.

Consult with a Re-Financing Expert

Once a homeowner has figured out why they want to re-finance, the homeowner should consider meeting with a re-financing expert to determine the best refinancing strategy. This will likely be a strategy which is financially sound but is also still geared to meeting the needs of the homeowner.

Homeowners who feel as though they are particularly well versed in the subject of re-financing might consider skipping the option of consulting with a re-financing expert. However, this is not recommended because even the most educated homeowner may not be aware of the newest re-financing options being offered by lenders.

While not understanding all the options may not seem like a big deal, it can have a significant impact. Homeowners may not even be aware of mistakes they are making but they may here of friends who re-financed under similar conditions and receive more favorable terms. Hearing these scenarios can be quite disheartening for some homeowners especially if they could have saved considerably more while re-financing.

Consider Not Re-Financing as a Viable Option

Homeowners who are considering re-financing may realize the importance of evaluating a number of different re-financing options to determine which option is best but these same homeowners may not realize they should also carefully consider not re-financing as an option. This is often referred to as the "do nothing" option because it refers to the conditions which will exist if the homeowner does not make a change in their mortgage situation.

For each re-financing option considered, the homeowner should determine the estimated monthly payment, amount of interest paid during the course of the loan, year in which the loan will be fully repaid and the amount of time the homeowner will have to remain in the home to recoup closing costs associated with re-financing. Homeowners should also determine these values for the current mortgage. This can be very helpful for comparison purposes. Homeowners can compare these results and often the best option is quite clear from these numeric calculations. However, if the analysis does not yield a clear cut answer, the homeowner may have to evaluate secondary characteristics to make the best possible decision.

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