mercredi 26 août 2009

PLR-Giveaway Promotion Tools

How would you like to grab a "secret stash" of thousands of top-rated private label products that you can sell yourself - without paying a dime? Who wouldn't!

That's why you have to check out this new site just for people wanting to start their own profitable online business at SOFThinking PLR Giveaway

If you're new to PLR or "Private Label Rights", you'll find out dozens of ways you can use existing material to create your own red-hot products, or sell "as is" for massive profits!

The best part is, it won't cost you a penny. They're GIVING AWAY these in-demand products, created by some of the top names in the business to people who need a little extra help getting their start in internet marketing. In fact, I've personally paid thousands of dollars to secure the rights to these kinds of products in the past, so you know you're only getting top-notch stuff that you can start selling TODAY.

Don't wait too long, though - because overwhelming demand could cause the site to go down at any time.

Go to SOFthinking PLR Giveaway as soon as possible.

If it doesn't load at first, please click the Refresh button on your browser and try again. I'm doing everything I can to make sure
everyone who wants them can download them right away.

Visit SOFThinking PLR Giveaway now to grab these top products while you still can!

vendredi 14 août 2009

Why I think PayDotCom is the Best Affiliate Marketplace on the Net!


abdou karim gueye here...

If you are familiar with (R), or even if you are not but you want to make profits online, then you will want to check this out ASAP ...

While I like Clickbank, and they are a great marketplace... they are limited to many restrictions to sell products or earn affiliate commissions...

Well, there is a GREAT NEW SERVICE now...

It is a new FREE marketplace where you can sell any product you want.

Yours OWN product...

- OR - (the best part)
You can become an INSTANT Affiliate for ANY item in their HUGE marketplace.

It is called!

Did I mention it is 100% FREE to Join!

This site is going to KILL all other marketplaces and I by now, almost EVERY SINGLE SERIOUS online marketer has an account with

So get yours now and see how much they offer...

OH! - Also, they have their won affiliate program now that pays you COLD HARD cash just for sharing the site with people like I am doing with you...

They give you cool tools like BLOG WIDGETS, and they even have an advertising program to help you get traffic to your site.

If you want an ARMY of affiliates to sell your products for you, they also allow you to have Free placement in their marketplace!

Even better... If your product becomes one of the Top 25 products in its category in the marketplace (not that hard to do)...

...then you will get Free advertising on the Blog Widget which is syndicated on THOUSANDS of sites World Wide and get Millions of impressions per month.

So, what are you waiting for... ROCKS!

Get your FREE account now... SOFthinking and PayDotCom


abdou karim gueye

P.S. - Make sure to get your Account NOW while it is Free to join.

lundi 10 août 2009

ClickBank Pirate Review - ClickBank Pirate Review

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ClickBank Pirate Review

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Enjoy the Video!

Abdou karim

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Clickbank Pirate Review

ClickBank Pirate Review

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Enjoy the Video!

Abdou karim

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samedi 8 août 2009

Starting your affiliate marketing with Clickbank

One of the first things you will want to get involved with is affiliate marketing. Although you need to drive traffic to your website, blog, or “mini-site”, getting set up with a Clickbank account is very important. You see, Clickbank is a huge marketplace of e-products. Someday in the future you may actually make one of those e-products and place it on Clickbank for other affiliates to sell. For now, you are going to want to take products and sell them to others, and you will make a hefty commission, usually at or over 50%, for each sale.

If you go to you will find it remarkably easy to establish an account. The most difficult part will be choosing a name that may not already be taken. Keep in mind that later on you may use that name when you sell a product, so don’t make it too funky. Something marketing related like myproducts would be good. I believe it is limited to 10 characters.

Now head on over to the Clickbank “marketplace” and you will see that it is divided into various “niches”, or areas of interest. You will be able to create what is called a “hoplink” for each one of those products, that would lead to paying YOU the commission if you were to sell that product. Clickbank recently introduced a way to “cloak” your hoplink so that people will not be able to easily figure out the product name, and place their own affiliate id into this url instead of yours.

There are a huge number of ways to decide on which products to sell, but it depends of course on what you plan to focus on with the subscribers that you will eventually be getting and repeatedly “making suggestions” (selling) to. One thing to look for in product is a high “gravity” meaning that a lot of other affiliates are promoting the product, not just the product owner.

As with most of these newsletters, I’m pointing you in the right direction, but it is up to you to find out as much as you can through the Clickbank marketplace itself and through forums. In my next report, I’ll be talking about forums and how you can use them.

Abdou Karim and SOFThinking

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