samedi 22 janvier 2011

Caring for Betta Fish ...the correct way! 

The Betta has quickly become one of the most popular freshwater fish in the aquarium trade. In just a few short years, these creatures have gone from a well-kept secret among serious enthusiasts, to being found in nearly every office and household, offered for sale in every pet store or major chain store in America. 

Betta is a tank fish and its maintenance is quite easy. However, it does need some care and you should be attentive to its heath. A sick Betta is easy to spot since naturally the fish is very active and vibrant. If you have had the fish for a while you will be able to spot immediately when they feel sick. Following tips can help you keep the Betta fish healthy and active: 

1. A bowl large enough to allow ample swimming space is a necessity

The fish shouldn't bump and tear its fins or scales. A large enough tank also ensures that the water has adequate oxygen level. That's why it is recommended to buy a 3-gallon tank for the Betta to have plenty of room. Keep the bowl or tank away from sources of hot and cold air such as heaters, cold or sunny windows, drafts, etc. It's is important that the fish container be kept cool at about 65 to 75 degrees F. 

2. Betta fish do not require filtration but need the cleanest water you can provide them

Change the water around every three days to keep it clean and prevent infection in your fish. The water you add to the tank should have set out for 24 hours, to release some of the chemicals. Avoid buying water with a high pH as when you add it to the tank it is so new to the fish that it puts them in shock and kills them. 

3. Ensure that the bottom of the bowl or tank is debris free

Debris sitting at the bottom will make the water cloudy and unhygienic for the fish. They will also cause the water to smell. When cleaning the tank accessories, avoid using soap because traces of soap will change the water pH. 

4. Bettas are also called Siamese fighting fish because the male of the species will fight each other to the death

 They are highly territorial animals and will react violently if two are placed in the same container. Avoid putting two males in the same tank. Females can stay together and so can one male with many females. You can also keep your Betta with guppies. 

5. Pet stores usually don't carry female bettas, because they tend to be less colorful and showy than the males

 Also, people are usually just looking for a nice pet, not a breeding hobby. If this is your intention, then I suggest doing some serious research before you start! If you are looking for more useful tips on proper Betta fish care you can find all you need to know at Betta Fish Secrets 

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