lundi 23 février 2009

List Building - 10 Ways To Build Your List - Including Some You Might Have Missed!

The importance of list building is talked about all the time. So when push comes to shove how many ways are there of building your list using your squeeze page? After doing some intensive brainstorming here's the list I came up with. Get ready to take some serious notes on this because I've included a few you might have never even known existed...

1. Expired Domain Names

Buy old domains that have expired but still get traffic, then redirect it to your squeeze page.

2. Popup windows

Use them to persuade people to join your list when they arrive at or leave your website.

3. Forum Posts

Help other people with their questions and use your forum signature to send people to your squeeze page.

4. Email Signature Files

At the end of every email you send out include a P.S. that sends people to your squeeze page.

5. Marketing with Postcards

This could be where you rent a list of targeted names and addresses in your niche market and send out postcards advertising your squeeze page.

6. Joint Ventures

Set up cross-promotions with other list owners, you promote their squeeze page if they do the same for you.

7. Intern Program

Have your own intern program where you show other people how to market a successful online business, as part of their training they promote your squeeze pages.

8. Golden Rule Traffic

This is an extremely powerful way to get continuous traffic to your squeeze pages. All you do is exchange autoresponder messages with other people.

9. Thank You Page Ad Swaps
Again this is a joint venture you do with other people where you exchange "thank you" page advertising space.

10. Viral Co-registration List Building Systems
These are simple systems you set up that automatically spread your squeeze page around the internet.

So there you have it 10 ways to build your list, of course there are many more ways. You'll need to trust me on this one, once you've mastered these 10 you won't need any more.

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