dimanche 10 janvier 2010

Private Label Rights Plus Coaching

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The other day I told you about a brand new PLR package that Liz Tomey launched over at https://paydotcom.com/r/94775/abdoukarimg/26057808

Now I've had several people asking about this package, so I wanted to send you a quick email so you know exactly what you're getting.

Question 1: Is this package just for affiliate marketers? Can I use the products to sell them as my own?

Answer 1: This package is geared towards affiliate marketers, however even those who have their own products can use the products to sell as their own.

Liz geared this package towards affiliate marketers because most people aren't successfully doing affiliate marketing. So she's helping out by giving PLR to her best content that has made her the most-money as an affiliate marketer and as a product owner.

This package has everything in it... Video reviews that presell, emails that you can just throw your affiliate link in and load into your autoresponder, complete workshops that she's sold for hundreds of dollars each, and so much more.

So yes it's geared towards affiliate marketers, but this is great for those of you who want to sell your own products too!

Question 2: I've been looking for an Internet marketing coaching for a while. Most of the ones I've dealt with have given me no help at all. What does your coaching entail?

Answer 2: Okay, so with this package, you're also going to get personal coaching from Liz. I'm going to show you via 5 different workshops how to use the content as an affiliate marketer, and how to set the workshops up as your own products.

Coaching is delivered via online video, and then if you need additional help she has weekly webinars where you can get her live help.

She's a very hands on coach. That's why she does the live weekly webinars. Most coaches can only tell you how to do something. She can SHOW you how to do it, and that's why her coaching clients get so much from her coaching.

She's not just telling them. She's literally holding their hand and showing them.

That's the exact reason she's offering coaching with this package. She doesn't want to just give you a ton of private label rights content, she wants to show you how to use it and EARN with it. :)

Question 3: I see Liz is selling 500 of these packages. Wont that make the market saturated with them?

Answer 3: Liz thought long and hard about that before she released this package. She has put rights in place for these products to protect everyone involved. And with the coaching you get she'll show you how to make it all your own, so you'll never have to worry about competition or saturation in the market.

She's been using and selling private label rights for years now, and this package is hands down the best one she's ever put out with the best income potential for her customers because of the way everything is setup, and the rights with the products.

Everyone gets private label rights to the products, but rights to the products can not be passed on. This is where people will make the most-money!

Okay, there were a ton more questions, but these were the main ones.

This package is still available at https://paydotcom.com/r/94775/abdoukarimg/26057808  but if you want to grab it, you've got to grab it now. There are only so many packages left, and this WILL sell out...

Okay, that's it for now... I highly recommend that if you want to take your affiliate marketing, and your marketing in general to a whole new level in 2010, that you pick up this package. With what you're getting and the coaching Liz is giving, failure simply isn't an option!


To Your Success!

Abdou Karim and SOFThinking

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