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Is Piracy and Illegal Copying of Your Digital Products Hurting Your Business? 

Fact: The illegal use of digital products costs companies over $6.49 billion a year in lost profits in the USA alone, and worldwide losses are much greater, according to the First annual BSA and IDC global software piracy study published By the Business Software Alliance and IDC.

Recently, internet marketers Rod Beckwith and Anton Dubina released a new service that allows online business owners who sell digital products (e.g. software, e-books, audio and video files) to protect their products from being pirated or copied illegally.

Furthermore, this new system also allows business owners to terminate further access to copies of their digital products that have been refunded, which until now, was becoming an increasing profit loss due to unethical customers continuing to use the purchased product after asking for a refund. I

llegal use of digital products is becoming a greater loss for online businesses worldwide each year. Question is, will your business continue to be counted within the statistics?

For more information on how to protect your digital products and your business from pirates and illegal copying, visit:
 Understanding Online Piracy: The Truth about Illegal File SharingThee Online Piracy [Explicit]Understanding Online Piracy: The Truth about Illegal File Sharing
Thee Online Piracy
 Online piracy, innovation, and legitimate business models [An article from: Technovation]

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