samedi 7 août 2010

A Reluctant Review of Underground Traffic Blueprints

 Have you ever been in a swimming pool at a hotel enjoying a relaxing swim when someone walks up with a towel and asks how the water is? Well, have you ever lied, and said that it's kind of cold so you didn't have to share the pool with them?

Mmmm, That's what I feel like doing with my review of Jeremy's and Simon's Underground Traffic Blueprints, but what is the point; the cat's coming out of the bag on the 13th of this month so I might as well earn brownie points with you by inviting you in.

It's a true game changing series of video's with a surprise bonus series at the end, which is going to change the entire Internet marketing landscape, in the next few years, in ways I don't think Eric Schmidt or Mark Zuckerberg could even imagine. Surprise aside, Jeremy and Simons, Underground Traffic Blueprints are the most informative and in depth marketing series to be released this summer.

After finishing my sneak peek, I'd have to say this series packs more punch than a hotel full of Guru's parading around on stage, in a week's worth of seminars. These two guys lay it out straight, giving up secrets only whispered in the washroom amongst gurus at such events. They show you the tools, the concepts and guide you through the "gray" areas of the underground marketing world, where the real money is made. Everything is laid out like a blueprint or a flow chart if you will, so it's easy to follow along and see the benefits or consequences, each step of the way.

UTB is better than a seminar because you can pause the video to take notes or look something up as you go along. I found this series rock solid with often "off the wall" underground tactics for Adwords, article marketing, Facebook marketing, SEO domination, site building, and more (plus a surprise). We are not talking about the usual stuff here. Even when Simon and Jeremy covered a topic that I thought I knew, they soon would throw in some obscure underground twist, I never heard of before, and then continue to prove it out and show me how to integrate it into my own business.

UTB teaches you how to quickly tighten up your tactics while always pounding on the theme of keeping everything organized and done right so you can scale it to fit your success, rather than re-invent the wheel every time you move forward. I think they did a good job for "Newbies" too because they show underground tactics to put into to place from even the very beginnings of a campaign. Therefore, I am very sure, even the worst "Newbie" could pick this up and probably even do better than a seasoned IM'er who is following the herd.

Best of all, along with every strategy taught, they also provide a formula for testing the tactics out, at little or no risk. Therefore, even though they had plenty of proof for their assertions, you where never expected to be required, to drop a couple of more hundred dollars to follow their advice. You could prove every idea for yourself, very affordably. I also found it refreshing that they never tried to sell me anything throughout the series.

Every tool they suggested using is free or they show you how to get it free and every site they recommend for service had a free trial or they provided another free method that worked almost as well. From just watching, the very first six videos of this 36 video set, you could make a profitable career, if you follow this systematic blueprint from start to finish, you could easily and exponentially, change your standard of living by sending TONS of targeted and eager buyers to your offers.

What I find most amazing though, is the bonus video about a new hybrid direct mail to Internet business model. It is so outside of everything, everyone else is teaching on the web, that the only reason I can think of, for why others don't teach it, is that A) either they don't know themselves, or B) they know, but don't want you to know. If it was me, well I might want to enjoy it a bit more by myself first, before sharing this hot little hybrid secret. Lucky for you though, it's almost launch time! Hit this link ring now to get one of the best marketing courses you'll ever get your hands on:
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