vendredi 22 avril 2011

Small Business Want To Pay You

Big clients! It’s tough… Last week, I was talking to a buddy who was having a rough time making cash online. He couldn’t get any affiliate products to work but knew all this stuff! Search engines. Pay per click. I sent him over to this site about how to get offline marketing clients and he just emailed me, saying he got his first one! For $2K a month! Have you ever thought to take your Internet marketing skills offline, where the real *big* money is? Let me tell you a little secret. Business owners don’t know jack about search engines. Pay per click or social media? They do know one thing, though. That the future of their business is online! They see it every day. CNN – ABC and at board meetings. 

People bust in out their cell phones to check their email or their workers doing a Google search for an answer to a question that they need to actually call someone for. These business owners go into their offices, shut their doors, and wonder just how they’ll be able to get online… Well, my buddy, Jason Drohn, has this download that you can grab called, “Your 1st Client.” It’s all about how to pick up your first marketing client so you can tap into those offline business owners who have money and are willing to spend it. Click the link below and grab it: Think about it. 

These offline marketing clients are happy to spend $’s every month to get their site in the search engines. Do you think they should spend that will you or the next guy? Jason’s training will show you how to pick these clients up. Best yet, it’s totally introvert friendly. So if you’re worried about cold calling or belly-to-belly sales techniques, don’t be! You don’t need them. Make sure you grab it before it goes offline. PS. I don’t know how long this course is going to be around. 

I’m a member and it seems to be filling up pretty quick. If you missed the link, here it is again. Anyway, check out this site: It’s a pretty killer resource! I’m in it and the material is pretty awesome. Ever thought about doing Internet marketing for offline companies? I mean, they’re pretty much clueless when it comes to online stuff… The system is pretty rock solid and will help you pick up clients… Which is the hard part ?

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