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Ebook Sales and Marketing Tips – Want to Make Money? Give Your Ebook Away!

Okay, that sounds a little contradictory, right? You’re probably reading this article to find out how to sell your next Ebook, and I’m telling you to give it away!

But if you’ll keep reading for a minute, you’ll find out why this could be one of the best Internet Marketing ideas you’ll ever try.Here are 5 tips that will help you to make the biggest ROI (Return on Investment) from giving away a free Ebook.

1. Write a short Ebook about how to get the most out of an affiliate product that you’re promoting. Or choose another subject that fits a particular product. Put the link to the product inside the Ebook. Make sure that the information in your Ebook is both interesting and valuable to the reader.

2. Contact the person whose affiliate product you’re going to be promoting and offer it to him/her to give away to his list.

3. Contact newsletter publishers and offer to let them give the Ebook away to members of their lists. (Of course, you’re going to send everyone to your squeeze page, right?)

4. Put the link to your squeeze page at the bottom of your email signature and on your signature at forums, blogs you post on, etc.

5. Set up JV partnerships with other people who are promoting similar – but not competing products or services and give them the chance to give away your Ebook.

Here are some other ideas to keep in mind when writing your Ebook so that it is perceived as valuable by your target audience and your JV partners.

• Use screenshots, graphics or photos so you’re not only telling your readers “what” to do, but they can see “how” to do it also.

• If you’re not a writer, you can hire someone else to ghostwrite it for you. (Just a hint, don’t only go for the cheapest price – otherwise you may as well write it yourself, because the quality will probably be about the same.)

• Have someone go through it to check for grammar and spelling mistakes.

• Read it out loud to check that it makes sense and flows smoothly.

• If you’re handy with graphics editing software, create a cover for your Ebook. People will see it as more valuable if it looks like a “real” book. If you’re not handy, you can always outsource that.

• People don’t want to read 50 or 60 page reports – everyone is pressed for time. Keep your Ebook short – between 13 and 18 pages is just about ideal. Get rid of the fluff and cut right to the heart of the information that you’re giving away.
• Put the link to your affiliate product in a several different places throughout the book. You never know what one idea is going to spark someone’s interest or overcome their last objection and be the deciding factor in them buying your affiliate product.
• Because your Ebook may go viral (which is the idea) and get passed around in ways you never imagined, put a signup box or link to your squeeze page in the book, to grab new subscribers.
As you can see, sometimes giving something of value away for free is one of the best ways for you to make money. This is one of the best-kept secrets of successful affiliate marketers. Follow it, and you’ll soon see your success on the rise as well.


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