vendredi 20 janvier 2012

How to Get Targeted Traffic from Reputable Sites

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free
Unlimited One Way Links
One of the best strategies to build targeted traffic is to get this traffic from the web sites that already have it. Nice, targeted and verifiable traffic.
 Finding all that sites, getting in touch with their owners, negotiating your banner or link or content publication - all this can eat plenty of time.
Now just imagine that there is a system where sites with targeted traffic are gathered under one umbrella: they have age and SEO reputation, have traffic AND they agreed to publish the content of other people on their web pages.
 This system is called Free Traffic System (version 2)
 Free Traffic System works like this. 
You write an article, comment, then go to Free Traffic System member’s area where you can choose the sites to publish your content. You choose the sites, check their traffic stats, their relevance to the content's topic - once the choice is done you publish your content.
When your content is published, you get:
- publications on sites with real and targeted readers;
 - one way links on reputable and trusted web pages.
 Does it make sense to blast your content to gazillions of sites that are on the verge of being de-indexed, when you can send your content to the sites with traffic and reputation?
 Obviously it does not :)
Get your content published on the sites that matter!
 Use Free Traffic System to build truly targeted traffic.

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